Personal Style

These days it seems as though bloggers are posting pictures of themselves from the neck down in their cute outfits that work if you are a size 6. I like to look at their pictures but then am faced with the task of modifying it to fit my voluptuous figure. I’m not ready to post any outfits of what I wear because they aren’t internet worthy but this post does bring up a good idea for everyone. Once you reach a certain age you usually have your personal style in order. For me, I prefer skirts with a fitted shirt and my Sanita clogs for work.It’s nothing unique but it does set me apart from my students so I am not mistaken for a student since I am short.

Today, though, I am wanting to share one way that I make my everyday outfits my own…by adding a scarf. I found this video on FaceBook and immediately posted it on my own FB page because it shows a lady tying her scarf in different ways. There are no words spoken, but there are simple directions which allows the viewer to practice with their own scarf.

I haven’t had a chance to give it a try but I’m definitely going to refer to it next time I pull out one of my scarfs to wear to work or on the weekend.


A Year of Comings and Goings

A lots has happened since I last posted on this blog: I adopted a dog, we sold our first home and bought our second home, I became an Aunt, we just celebrated our fifth weeding anniversary, I added an ESOL certification to my teaching license and am finishing up my fifth year as a teacher in a title I school. All of these changes have brought about incredible journeys that has caused me to realize that I have been given an opportunity to reflect on what is taking place in my life…a lot which is stuff I cannot control…while other factors are well within my reach.

The biggest obstacle I’ve had to overcome this year is this time of transition. We moved at the end of July into a beautiful new home in a wonderful neighborhood outside the city but I was unable to find a job close to home so I am now living part time with my parents. Being back at home at 37 years old is not the worst part….it’s the mattress that tortures me every night. The good news is that I only submit to this nightly torture three nights a week while the other nights are spent at home.

Moving was the best decision we ever made…..the other night at our anniversary dinner I reflected on how much I love our lifestyle. Living in a small town has its advantages. However, I still am tied to the city and this allows me to remain grounded in the big city reality which allows me to continue to use my common sense to its best advantage.

In addition to working full time, I have decided that I need to spend time volunteering. So I have joined Angels Among Us Pet Rescue working behind the scenes by helping update pet bios on PetFinder and since that was not enough for this over-achiever I am now beginning to volunteer with Friends to the Forlorn (FTTF) which specializes in rescuing Bully breeds. The reason why I chose FTTF is my dear doggy is a Bully breed and I have just fallen in love with the breed and what they stand for….unconditional love, resilient attitudes and all around the best cuddlers. Seriously, my favorite weekend ritual is to catch up on my DVR’d programs while snuggling with my pup on the couch. The feeling and warmness I feel in these moments is sacred.

Not trying to add too much for the moment but I am going to continue this blog post soon.